Behavioral Services and Insurance Coverage

Insurance can be confusing. Let us help you navigate the process as it applies to Behavioral Services!

Self-funded insurance plans are one of the most widely used forms of  coverage offered by employers. Because such plans are covered under federal law, they are exempt from state autism insurance laws. ABA coverage is available under 2016 FEHB plans in part or all of 27 states. This is an improvement from the 21 states that covered ABA in 2015, but significant gaps in coverage remain.

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And Now An Insurance Joke...

A client calls up his insurance agent and tells him he needs to file a claim.

The agent says, “Tell me what happened?”

The client tells him, and the agent says, “I´m sorry but that´s not covered.”

The client says, “Well, let me explain better what happened.”

The agent says, “I´m sorry, but that´s not covered either.”

The client says, ” I´ll tell you what, you tell me what´s covered and I´ll tell you how it happened!”