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There are many ways you can make a difference with Family Outreach. You can choose to support a particular program, age group or need, or you can give an unrestricted donation to the overall organization. Family Outreach is a Section of 501  (c ) 3 and your contribution may qualify as a charitable deduction. Your gift may be tax deductible, and the Family Outreach will send you a letter of acknowledgement for your files.

Your support makes a significant difference in what we can accomplish. To fund a special project, contribute securities or set up a recurring gift, please reach out to our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org.

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Family Outreach is now on Venmo.

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Other Ways to Donate:

Bequests and Planned Giving


Bequests are fully deductible from estate taxes for the amount of a cash bequest or the market value of other assets donated. The gift may consist of a share of the estate or it can be outright or in a trust. You can make a bequest for a designated purpose, or it can be unrestricted.


A trust is a planned gift that can be designed to benefit both you and Family Outreach. Along with an immediate income tax charitable deduction, you can assure an income for yourself for life. After that, we are allowed to use the remaining funds for our programs and services. There are several types of trusts. To know which vehicle would be best for you, we recommend that you consult with appropriate legal and financial counsel.

Gifts of Real Estate, Life Insurance, and Endowed Funds

Gifts of real estate, life insurance, and endowed funds are accepted within the policies approved by Family Outreach’s Board of Directors. Please contact our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org by email for current information concerning these gifting avenues.

Memorials and Honorariums

We are always pleased to remember or honor individuals of your choice through your gift to Family Outreach. Your gift will be included in all publications of our donor lists with the name of the person whom you have selected for your special tribute. In addition to your acknowledgement letter, a letter will be sent to the recipient of your choice as notification of your gift. You can make your donation online, or by mail.

For more information about memorials and honorariums, please contact our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org by email.

Employer Gift Matching

With an employer match of an employee gift, your donation to Family Outreach could be doubled or tripled. Employer matching is a simple process that usually involves completing a form from your personnel department and including it with your contribution to Family Outreach. Then, we’ll take care of the rest!

Check with your employer to find out if they have a matching gift program or to inquire about their policy on matching gifts. Many companies also match gifts from spouses and retired employees. (Note: If you’ve already made a contribution to Family Outreach and are within the time limit set by your company, you can still send us the forms and have your contribution matched.)

For more information about employer matching, please contact our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org by email.


How Do I Make a Donation by Mail?

To make a donation by mail please follow these simple steps:

Make the check  or money order out to:

Family Outreach, Inc.
1236 Helena Ave.
Helena, MT 59601

How Do I Make a Donation of Stock?

Contact your broker to identify the donation of securities. After Family Outreach receives your form and the donation of securities is confirmed by our broker, we will issue an official acknowledgement letter to the donor. This letter will indicate the number and type of shares received and date the stock was converted into a gift (day when record ownership of stock was transferred to Family Outreach or the stock was unconditionally delivered to Family Outreach).

For more information about donating by stock, please contact our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org by email.


May I Donate In-Kind Gifts?

Family Outreach gratefully accepts in-kind donations. We do not have storage space to warehouse items, but we would be pleased to hear of any potential in-kind gift to see if we can find an immediate home for it. Check out Wish List of current in-kind needs.

For more information about donating by stock in-kind gifts, please contact our business office at (406) 443-3083 or region4@familyoutreach.org by email.


A Huge thanks to the following supporters for their generous gift to Family Outreach​:

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