Urgent Call to Action by Executive Director Mike Mahoney:  Local Non-Profit Businesses are at risk of losing the state contract to an Out-of-State for Profit Company to provide services to children with disabilities and their families.

Montana values local in-state businesses; current non-profit businesses, Family Outreach, ECI, and STEP have provided quality services to residents of Montana for 40 years.  For profit, Benchmark, have offered to provide these services at a drastically lower rate.  DPHHS is in the process of considering their proposal for providing services in 2 geographical regions of the State (Region 3 & 4).

This contract will be awarded by May 31, 2017.

Here’s how you can help:

Contact Governor Bullock and hold him to his promise to support local Montana Businesses. Use messaging system to contact Governor Bullock at the following link https://governor.mt.gov/Home/Contact/shareopinion

Or Contact:
Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
Toll Free: 855-318-1330
Phone: 406-444-3111
FAX: 406-444-5529

Call or Email  Sheila Hogan at (406) 444-5622 or sheilahogan@mt.gov

How to Help