OVER 1,985 Montanans with Developmental Disabilities are on a Wait-list for 0208 Waiver Services

Montana Legislature

Bills to improve Developmental Disability Service

HB 17 Establish Grant Program and other uses of DD general fund appropriation
SB 7 Propose an inflationary increase for DD services


WHEN to Call/Email:
This weekend Jan 12, 13, & 14 2019

Email and/or call with your comments to:

HB 17 to Human Service Committee Members. Jan 14th at 3pm is the hearing.
Learn More on HB 17

SB 7 Public Health, Welfare, and Safety Committee Members. Jan 14th at 2pm is the hearing.
Learn More on SB 7

Review the following list of committee members. Locate your local representative to send an email and call. Feel free to use the following email sample:

Email subject line:   Rise in support of HB 17 (or SB 7)
Sample Message: 

Please rise in support for HB 17 to keep funding appropriated for Developmental Disability services and individuals who need those services. With 1,985+ people on the waitlist for 0208 waiver there is a need for the appropriation.


Please rise in support for SB 7 to help maintain a responsive service delivery system.

Add personal reason to statement, keep short and simple.

Human Service Committee Members

Dennis R Lenz  (R) HD 53 Chair Billings Dennis.Lenz@mtleg.gov 406-671-7052
Edward Buttrey  (R) HD 21 Vice Chair Great Falls Ed.Buttrey@mtleg.gov 406-452-6460
Jessica Karjala  (D) HD 48 Vice Chair Billings Jessica.Karjala@mtleg.gov 406-672-8681
Kim Abbott  (D) HD 83 Member Helena Kim.Abbott@mtleg.gov 406-439-8721
Jade Bahr  (D) HD 50 Member Billings Jade.Bahr@mtleg.gov 406-855-7123
Barbara Bessette  (D) HD 24 Member Great Falls Barbara.Bessette@mtleg.gov 406-403-5656
David Dunn  (R) HD 9 Member Kalispell David.Dunn@mtleg.gov 406-212-3479
Mary Ann Dunwell (D)HD 84 Member Helena MaryAnn.Dunwell@mtleg.gov 406-461-5358
Lola Galloway  (R) HD 22 Member Great Falls Lola.Sheldon-Galloway@mtleg.gov 406-720-4721
Kathy Kelker  (D) HD 47 Member Billings Kathy.Kelker@mtleg.gov 406-652-6716
Forrest Mandeville  (R)HD 57 Member Columbus Forrest.Mandeville@mtleg.gov 406-690-1933
Terry Moore  (R) HD 54 Member Billings Terry.Moore@mtleg.gov 406-671-5393
Gordon Pierson  (D) HD 78 Member Deer Lodge Gordon.Pierson@mtleg.gov
Vince Ricci  (R) HD 55 Member Laurel Vince.Ricci@mtleg.gov 406-855-9153
Walt Sales  (R) HD 69 Member Manhattan Walt.Sales@mtleg.gov 406-282-7435
Barry Usher  (R) HD 40 Member Billings Barry.Usher@mtleg.gov 406-252-2888
Peggy Webb  (R) HD 43 Member Billings Webb4house@gmail.com 406-248-1953
Tom Welch  (R) HD 72 Member Dillon Tom.Welch@mtleg.gov 406-683-4811
Thomas Winter  (D) HD 96 Member Missoula Tom.Winter@mtleg.gov 406-763-1805

Public Health, Welfare and Safety Committee Members

Member Assignment Town Email Phone
David Howard  (R) SD 29 Chair Park City David.Howard@mtleg.gov 406-633-2762
Jen Gross  (D) SD 25 Vice Chair Billings Jen.Gross@mtleg.gov 406-696-0649
Cary Smith  (R) SD 27 Vice Chair Billings Cary.Smith@mtleg.gov 406-698-9307
Steve Hinebauch  (R) SD 18 Member Wibaux Steve.Hinebaugh@mtleg.gov 406-365-7967
Bob Keenan  (R) SD 5 Member Bigfork Bob.Keenan@mtleg.gov 406-250-4111
Sue Malek  (D) SD 46 Member Missoula senatormalek@gmail.com 406-370-2424
Mary McNally  (D) SD 24 Member Billings Mary.McNally@mtleg.gov 406-671-1376
Albert Olszewski  (R) SD 6 Member Kalispell Albert.Olsewski@mtleg.gov 406-253-8248
Diane Sands  (D) SD 49 Member Missoula Diane.Sands@mtleg.gov 406-251-2001
Jason D Small  (R) SD 21 Member Busby Jason.Small@mtleg.gov 406-690-0923

For more information on these bills, email us!