Montana State Legislature Urgent Call to Action

This is an urgent call for action to support HB 251. Read below for details.


HB 251 Create Medicaid buy-in Program for Children with Disabilities (double click the following links to be taken to each document)

TEFRA Info                  TEFRA Policy Brief                HB 251


Hearing on Jan 30th at 3:00 pm in Room 152 for Human Service Committee


The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) [Pub. L. 97-248, Sec. 134], passed by Congress in 1982, includes an option for states to create an additional pathway to Medicaid for children, birth to age 18:

  • Who have family incomes that are too high to qualify for Medicaid and;
  • Whose medical, mental, and emotional health needs are described by the child hood listing of impairments on the Social Security website, *2
  • Who also require an institutional level of care, but can be cared for at home, rather than in an institution.


Email or call with your comments to:
Review the list of committee members below. Locate your local representative to send an email and call requesting member to rise in support of HB 251.

Attend and Testify at hearing on Jan 30th at 3pm in Room 152.

Email subject line: Rise in support of HB 251

Sample Message
Please rise in support for HB 251 to ensure children with physical or developmental disabilities are provided with medical, habilitative, and rehabilitative services at an early age to prevent or reduce their future need for services.

Add personal reason to statement, keep short and simple.

Human Service Committee Members

Dennis R Lenz  (R) HD 53 Chair Billings 406-671-7052
Edward Buttrey  (R) HD 21 Vice Chair Great Falls 406-452-6460
Jessica Karjala  (D) HD 48 Vice Chair Billings 406-672-8681
Kim Abbott  (D) HD 83 Member Helena 406-439-8721
Jade Bahr  (D) HD 50 Member Billings 406-855-7123
Barbara Bessette  (D) HD 24 Member Great Falls 406-403-5656
David Dunn  (R) HD 9 Member Kalispell 406-212-3479
Mary Ann Dunwell (D)HD 84 Member Helena 406-461-5358
Lola Galloway  (R) HD 22 Member Great Falls 406-720-4721
Kathy Kelker  (D) HD 47 Member Billings 406-652-6716
Forrest Mandeville  (R)HD 57 Member Columbus 406-690-1933
Terry Moore  (R) HD 54 Member Billings 406-671-5393
Gordon Pierson  (D) HD 78 Member Deer Lodge
Vince Ricci  (R) HD 55 Member Laurel 406-855-9153
Walt Sales  (R) HD 69 Member Manhattan 406-282-7435
Barry Usher  (R) HD 40 Member Billings 406-252-2888
Peggy Webb  (R) HD 43 Member Billings 406-248-1953
Tom Welch  (R) HD 72 Member Dillon 406-683-4811
Thomas Winter  (D) HD 96 Member Missoula 406-763-1805