House Bill 298

Graduation Age for Students with Disabilities

Montana Legislature

We’d like to share information on House Bill 298 which would raise the graduation age for children with disabilities to 21. HB 298 is sponsored by Rep. Christopher Pope and the hearing is with the House Education Committee at 3 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 6th in room 137.

This is your opportunity to contact members of the legislature sitting on the committee and tell them how you feel about the bill. Those members are below:


Seth Berglee  (R) HD 58 Chair
John Fuller  (R) HD 8 Vice Chair
Moffie Funk  (D) HD 82 Vice Chair
Sue Vinton  (R) HD 56 Vice Chair
Fred Anderson  (R) HD 20 Member
Jacob Bachmeier  (D) HD 28 Member
Becky Beard  (R) HD 80 Member
Laurie Bishop  (D) HD 60 Member
Greg DeVries  (R) HD 75 Member
Bruce Grubbs  (R) HD 68 Member
Greg Hertz  (R) HD 12 Member
Connie Keogh  (D) HD 91 Member
Wendy McKamey  (R) HD 19 Member
Shane A Morigeau  (D) HD 95 Member
Tyson T Runningwolf  (D) HD 16 Member
Casey Schreiner  (D) HD 26 Member
Brad Tschida  (R) HD 97 Member

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